Advent Celebrations & Creations

This year at our International Center, we celebrated the advent of our Saviour King, come as a babe, by creating a SEASON of celebration and creations. I think of the church calendar (and the commercial calendar!) and realize that Christmas isn’t just a one-day event – it is a season of joyous anticipation.

Several colleagues met with Au and me to plan our Advent Celebrations & Creations. We tried to capture some of that anticipation by planning weekly activities that would help us unwind, recharge, and celebrate our creative God who speaks His word and creates new wonders. He is indeed wonderful!

A colleague from our Singapore National Office who is talented in painting and hand-lettering led two of our sessions. Eunice led the macrame and baking sessions (read what one colleague thought of the experience here). Both offices worked together to help set-up, clean-up, and bring appetizers and desserts to share for our office Christmas party.

Many, many thanks to Au for capturing so many photos of our sessions and to Ling for creating a short video so you can see what our creative sessions were like.

I’ve been told that our office hasn’t celebrated the Christmas season like this previously. Most people were intrigued to rethink what an office celebration could look like. Others commented how much they appreciated the pause to reflect, create, and try new skills in a safe, supportive learning environment.

What do you think? Would this work at your office? Would you be willing to try it? 🙂

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