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Knee-dy Days of Summer – Day 38

Our chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy Him forever. This is true – wherever we serve, wherever we follow Christ, whenever we are afraid, whenever we are confident. For the past year, we’ve been sharing God’s Plan for the Nations, reflecting on God’s desire for all nations to praise Him. Individuals, and nations, who praise God, do so because of overflowing joy in response to His love. We end up both enjoying the …

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Knee-dy Days of Summer – Day 37

Serving cross-culturally will require a surrender of our preferences and cultural expectations.  We have been given instruction on how to relate to others. Something tells me that this technique will work in whatever culture we find ourselves. Can you think of a time when you’ve found great value in following James 1:19 in your life? Be swift to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger.   Lord, help us not neglect our mental and emotional …

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Knee-dy Days of Summer – Day 35

Our roles in administration are to encourage, enable, and equip the body of Christ to serve God’s purposes among the unreached peoples of East Asia. We’ve frequently discussed how Eunice would serve in Training & Development as Virtual Classroom Manager and how Au would serve in Mission Research as Librarian. I don’t think we’ve talked much about how we can be part of the community for missionaries “passing through” OMF’s International Centre. Four times a …

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Knee-dy Days of Summer – Day 34

This week of focusing on #thetaskunfinished and the life of a new missionary, we consider adopting a new home. Location matters to God. For some reason, known only to Him, Au and I were born three years and 9,400 miles apart. God in His providence, united us in marriage, and now calls us back to Asia, after 30 years living as a couple here in the US.  Whereever we live, we need community. People who …

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