Knee-dy Days of Summer – Day 29

pc: Madeleine Deaton
Chicken Rice, considered to be the Singapore national dish

Relocating to a new country will involve many changes in and around us – some welcome and some, not so much. Here are some changes we are already pondering:

  • much more challenging to grab a meal with any of our daughters!
  • challenges of being 13 hours ahead of our US East Coast friends and family for 6 months of the year. The rest of the year we are only 12 hours ahead!
  • being hot and sticky most days. No cool fall evenings.
  • eating a LOT more rice
  • having a much harder time finding jeans that fit, given Eunice’s Caucasian hip-size!
  • not having our own garden
  • daily public transportation use instead of driving
  • not needing to shovel snow or chop ice
  • savoring sweet times of fellowship with our friends and family in East Asia

Lord, as we adjust to new situations and surroundings, cultivate in us a flexible and open spirit.

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    1. We hope to book flights after September 3, trusting that we’ll receive clearance from our organization at that time.

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