Knee-dy Days of Summer – Day 34


This week of focusing on #thetaskunfinished and the life of a new missionary, we consider adopting a new home.

Location matters to God. For some reason, known only to Him, Au and I were born three years and 9,400 miles apart. God in His providence, united us in marriage, and now calls us back to Asia, after 30 years living as a couple here in the US. 

Whereever we live, we need community. People who love us, who weep with us, who rejoice with us, and who pray with us. A loving community where we can love, weep, rejoice and pray with in return. We all need this. It’s part of God’s kingdom plan. As  we anticipate moving, will you pray…

Lord, place us exactly where you want us and provide friendships in the local community that both support us and give us opportunities to share your love.

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