We are halfway through our 40 day prayer focus. [wpcdt-countdown id=”444″] This week we consider those who are preparing to go overseas. We need prayers for a readiness of mind, body and spirit. We need to embrace adventure, say goodbyes, and attend
Grab your drink of choice -ice milo or a cuppa’ Joe – and rest at the feet of Jesus with us for a little bit this Lord’s day.
We’ve promised you personal updates on Saturday. We are here to keep our promise! You’ve prayed with us through personal health challenges, the process of applying to become members of OMF, and Eunice’s mother’s illness and homeward calling. You know
It can take a long time for the gospel to make a deep impact on a people and its society. Sometimes good seed must be scattered multiple times before it can take root and thrive. Lord, soften hard soil so
God cares about our loved ones. This includes those we leave behind – including parent, sibling, child, or friend. Lord, enable us to entrust our families to you, whether that means leaving parents or siblings behind, or asking our children