We often have our own ideas or expectations of how or where we will serve God but the Lord may have other plans or purposes. Lord, may we find our identity in you. May we not become attached to a
Whether the process is thrilling or agonizing (it is a little of both!), the journey to long-term missions ultimately serves to draw us closer to Jesus. Lord, cultivate a spirit of surrender in those who have started the journey to
The journey to the mission field is exciting. It’s also unpredictable. The process is filled with moments of hope, frustration, disappointment, and joy. God uses each step of the journey to prepare us for his work and to make us
There are many ways to get involved in missions and be part of God’s redeeming work in the world. We can pray, learn, send, welcome, mobilize, and go. Which ways capture your heart? Au and I are filled with joy
This week we move from focusing on facing the task unfinished to embracing the journey. Being sent requires a journey….somewhere to be sent. Will we go reluctantly, turning back to old ways of thinking, or will we go forward, embracing