Dear family and friends: We have a good God who is incredibly patient and amazingly generous with his love for us! This week I’ve been praying that I would have a right mind about my approaching surgery and that I’d be able to testify to his leading and provision as I await next steps. So…. My surgeon’s office called to reschedule my surgery for a week later and the nurse was apologetic for the need
Dear family and friends, We have prayed for clarity and the Lord has answered. Blessed be the name of the Lord! The lung nodule they thought they saw….isn’t there anymore. Yeah! However the CT scan DID reveal that my thyroid IS PRESSING on my windpipe so it is clear that the enlarged nodule will need to be removed. So surgery is in the works … possibly not until April. The amazing story here is that
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Dear friends, I’ve been learning so much in our journey towards missions. Lessons about how God calls those with administrative gifts; lessons about how an introvert learns to purposefully build friendships; and lessons about the entire application process. For now, I’ll risk a little too much tldr (too long, didn’t read) and a little tmi (too much information) to tell you that the medical screening process is robust! Did I mention that OMF is very
Thank you for praying for us. Last month, we celebrated our 28th anniversary by taking a 4-hour hike in the woods near the Navesink Twin Lights (hence the picture). We also completed a couple of forms from OMF (medical history, psychological assessment) and last week we received more probing questions as a follow-up. And, yes, we’ve been promised more forms to fill out in the near future. Meanwhile, life goes on.  Eunice just returned from
You probably remember that, along with Colleen, we were in Singapore for three months last year, serving as short-term workers at the Headquarters of OMF International.  Since returning, we have volunteered as mobilizers, representing OMF at missions conferences and hosting a monthly “discover missions” Bible study at our church. This past spring, we began the application process for long-term membership and service in East Asia.  We just spent a week at the OMF US Office,