This is the first of a 3-part series retelling the true story of Christ’s redeeming work. It is a version that is easy to read and simplified for those not familiar with the story. For the fuller version, read John

Death vs Life Sorrow vs Joy Despair vs Hope Good vs Bad Today is Good Friday around the world. How can today be called good when the world is “falling apart at the seams”? Today is the day when followers

We have been in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, attending a two-week training course with a dozen other people who live or work in five other countries. We are learning how to better tell stories that testify to

Note: April 2020 update at the bottom of this post. Growing up in a densely-populated county in New Jersey, Eunice learned to separate her recyclables from the weekly trash (rubbish). Aluminum, glass, cardboard, newsprint, mailers, and eventually plastics, too, would

A city of contrasts is my host city. Birds flying in unison, free. Birds singing in a cacophony, caged. This week thousands of Asian openbill storks have been spotted flying across the nation. Thanks to Au’s father for his photos