40 days ago we started a focused time of being on our knees before the Lord. On our knees, because we ARE needy. On our knees, because it symbolizes submission to our Lord. On our knees, because a great cloud READ MORE
Can you feel it? Can you taste it? Can you believe it? The Lord has been so gentle, loving, and patient with us. He has taken Eunice, a person with very little faith (but told I only need faith the size READ MORE
Our chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy Him forever. This is true - wherever we serve, wherever we follow Christ, whenever we are afraid, whenever we are confident. For the past year, we've been sharing God's Plan for READ MORE
Serving cross-culturally will require a surrender of our preferences and cultural expectations.  We have been given instruction on how to relate to others. Something tells me that this technique will work in whatever culture we find ourselves. Can you think of a READ MORE
We have a sense of where, when, and how to carry out our work. Where...wherever God has placed us today. When...in season and out. How... Lord, help us to rely on you in all we do. May we adapt well to the Holy Spirit's READ MORE