Fellowship Services

If you are not an evangelist, can you still be involved in missions?

Let us share what it takes to support our evangelists and church planters, our colleagues who live and minister among the unreached people groups of the world.  We are part of a group of people, living mostly in Singapore, who constitute what we call “Fellowship Services.” At this time, this group of administrators includes folks from ten nations and the 40 of us serve our colleagues in many and varied ways.

  • we facilitate the exchange and transfer of funds between people and offices in both sending and host countries;
  • we provide healthcare and medical advice;
  • we design and conduct workshops and training sessions in person and virtually;
  • we gather and distribute prayer and praise items from all of our centers and fields;
  • we write informative and thought-provoking blog posts and articles for online or print distribution;
  • we maintain accurate financial records for insurance and taxation purposes;
  • we ensure computer and network security;
  • we counsel families about educational options for their children;
  • and we even organize the historical documents of our organization in order to tell the stories of God’s faithfulness to His church in East Asia.

Pre-covid, we also ran a guest house and dining room to accommodate our overseas members who attend workshops and meetings in person; and we coordinate and arrange for short-term workers to live and serve in East Asia.

We are a team of people working together with our frontline missionaries to build God’s Kingdom. With so many opportunities for service and involvement in missions, what part would you like to play?


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