Think about a decision you are pondering. It may be simple, like:  Tea or Coffee  Rice or Noodles  Bread or Potatoes  Or the decision can be of more significance.  More Schooling or Focus on Work Experience Public Transit or Bicycle 

Thinking of beauty

Like many Chinese families of our generation, Au and I gave our children Chinese names with the appropriate prefix for their generation. We invited Au’s parents to choose suitable names,  using the prefix “thinking of” which had been pre-selected for

Known and loved

The last time I shared, I explored how we can know someone deeply….and yet not know them! Today, I share thoughts on being known – truly known – and on being loved, even as we are. There are multiple assurances

Known and not known

Take a moment and think along with me. Think about the people you know best….your child, your best bud, your lover. You think you know them….and then they do something that offends or triggers you. How do you respond? I

Giving thanks

On the eve of an American holiday when our family cooked food, created family memories, and hosted students from around the world… On the morning of my 60th birthday, I pause to give thanks for the people in my life.