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We have colleagues working alongside us in Singapore from around the world and during our first term here, we’ve been working on slowly building relationships with them. While exploring Singapore one weekend, we discovered that the one who is liaising with our digital platform provider and OMF is also a thinker and author. We’ve invited Weng Fai to share some of his thoughts with us here.

Before we share his inspirations, we’d like to introduce him to you.

Weng Fai now works as a Delivery Manager for OMF, helping to shepherd user requirements and technical specs to work with an external vendor in order to deliver a new IT platform that serves OMF and eventually the wider Christian community. Before joining OMF, he’d spent some 30 years in the marketplace in a career spanning urban design, project management, journalism, and high-tech due diligence for investors.

He has a continuing fascination with number crunching and data because he believes numbers describe reality precisely and often beautifully. It also partially compensates for the fact that his first real aspiration – holding a “dream job”  – was to practice econometrics, someone who uses data to make predictions on the economy – a disciplined alternative to crystal-ball gazing. Not having fulfilled his childhood dream to do econometrics, he contents himself with the cold comfort of writing stories that sometimes features numbers….

Besides writing, he enjoys reading, long nature walks, and robust discussions in that order of preference.

Welcome, readers of Flying Horses, to Weng Fai, a man we call Friend.



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  1. Welcome Weng! Eunice did you forget to link to Weng article? Your into had me wanting to see the numbers he has for us…

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