Christmas Day at True Way

Are you ever reluctant to do something a new way? Perhaps you’ve never done it that way before…it feels awkward and you just aren’t sure?

Celebrating the birth of Jesus in our NJ-context, meant going to a Christmas Eve service, coming back home and getting a special Christmas Eve snack, and maybe even opening a present or two. But we are living in Singapore for now.

And in Singapore, the community of Jesus-followers gathers on Christmas Day. Our church, called True Way, has a service with a biblical message and then keeps to a tradition of their own!

  • publically acknowledges those transferring membership from a different church to True Way
  • confirms those who received infant baptism
  • conducts infant baptisms
  • offers adult baptisms

The purpose of this post is not to dispute the doctrine of any community of Jesus-followers but rather to celebrate the public affirmation of faith! This is what we witnessed today:

  • 4 families bring their children of 1 – 3 years forward for infant baptism
  • 1 young adult confirm that her faith is genuine as she acknowledges her own infant baptism
  • 12 adults (ages 20 – 50??) professing saving faith in Christ as they are baptized
  • a community of Jesus-followers affirm that they will journey with these individuals and families as together, they learn to love God and make disciples.

I regret that it has taken us until now, our 3rd Christmas in Singapore, to actually attend a Christmas Day service, but now we have, and intend to keep up this new tradition. It is deeply satisfying to celebrate the birth of Christ with those who love the Lord with all their heart, soul, strength, and mind, and who aim to love their neighbor as themselves.

As for the rest of today,

  • we discovered upon leaving church that my Trace Together token’s battery had died….and without a working token it is hard for us to do the things we want to do (shop for groceries, visit hawker centers, and perhaps our biggest favorite, visit libraries)
  • we visited a public vending machine that replaced dead Trace Together tokens with working ones
  • we enjoyed a leisurely lunch at a local prata shop nearby
  • hoping to watch another episode of the Chosen
  • connect with one more daughter and exchange Christmas blessings via Google Meet

Merry Christmas!Merry Christmas from Au & Eunice


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