…have you heard of THIS original series?

  • Gilmore Girls
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
  • The Man in the High Castle
  • Sparks

We could name more. All of these streaming videos draw you into the lives of the main characters and entice you to return again and again to watch more (or to binge-watch, but that’s another post :))

They are all self-commissioned original content series delivered by internet streaming. The ones we tend to think of first are created by Amazon or Netflix. This week we discovered a new series, being advertised at the public transportation hubs across Singapore.

Au and I have begun watching the first season and we’d like to recommend at least the first three episodes to you. If you are able to view any of the short episodes we invite you to comment on these questions:

  • what attracts you to the series if you watched more than one episode?
  • can you tell who commissioned this series without doing additional research?
  • what do you think are some of the values the series is promoting, intentionally or accidentally?
  • and did you like it?

Thanks for exploring new ways of appreciating our host culture with us!

Love, Au and Eunice

1 thought on “…have you heard of THIS original series?”

  1. I guess I just binged watch 10/10. Quick, well packaged snippets about life. The love of Money the Bible says is the root of all evil but money when used to make people’s lives better can be a great force for good. Not really a mover watcher but this was good. Thanks for caring and sharing.

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