Knee-dy Days of Summer – Day 24

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You see, that’s what we’re all called to do. Tell the sweet sweet story of Jesus and His love. This week the Lord has given us three opportunities to share God’s Plan for the Nations and is offering us another opportunity tomorrow.

Praise the Lord with us for:

  1. a friend from childhood and her family taking time to listen this past Monday. She even let us watch her horses run free (from the barn to the paddock!)
  2. a friend from church reconnecting with us and inviting us to share with her and her husband on Thursday. We were able to tour her garden and share slices of apple pie, too!
  3. friends from Taiwan sharing great homemade Chinese food and inviting us to share after dinner. They even invited three other families to join in to listen!

Pray with us for:

  1. an invitation to present at New Durham Chapel’s evening service tomorrow. We are so appreciative of this opportunity to weave in encouragement for the saints as we present a Biblical foundation for missions and our own testimony of God’s call on our lives. Ask the Lord that we might be an example to the congregation of ones who walk humbly before our Lord and that He might use us to encourage them in their faith and urge them to take next steps of faith and obedience to Him.
  2. the ability to keep our eyes focused on Christ – the author and perfecter of our faith. We are at 89% of our partnership goals and aim to be faithful to our Lord in ALL spheres of influence He has entrusted to us. We cherish the prayers of the saints!

This song was a favorite for Eunice during her high school youth group days. It’s been updated a bit. We might say it is “An Oldie but a Goodie.”

3 thoughts on “Knee-dy Days of Summer – Day 24”

    1. We really missed you, Joshua! We’ve been praying for you on your big adventure this summer. We are so excited that you have this opportunity!

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