Knee-dy Days of Summer – Day 27

There are many practical details to be worked out for any move:

  • belongings packed up and stored or given away
  • arrangements made for the house or car
  • provision for paying bills

This week we focus on Transitions. In order for true transformation to occur, there is a necessary ending, a messy middle, and the new beginning. The messy middle has sometimes been called “No Man’s Land.” One day it feels like you are gaining ground and headed in the right direction and the next day you realize you lost your checkbook for the second time this month and need to call the physician, again, for another medical report and you wonder if you’ll ever complete all the needed tasks.

Lord, use difficulties to grow us and increase our dependence on you as we tie up loose ends.

PS We really DID misplace our checkbook, again, this week. And, yes, both Au and I have more medical forms to submit to our agency.

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