Knee-dy Days of Summer – Day 31

Working at headquarters (OMF calls it International Centre) will involve learning the organizational culture and internal language of an international fellowship. Eunice has already learned that to be effective in her role in Training & Development, she’ll need to model a willingness to learn. Even though learning a new language isn’t “required” for her role, she has already been told that it will be best for her to embrace language learning, just like other first term missionaries do.

Would you recommend Mandarin or Malay? Feel free to tell me your reasons why in our chat box below. 


Lord, quicken our “cultural adaptation” so that we can feel at home and better serve our colleagues.

2 thoughts on “Knee-dy Days of Summer – Day 31”

  1. I’m guessing that, from a global perspective, Mandarin would be more valuable than Malay, but I am sure you will pick up some of both.

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