Raindrops keep falling on my head

So, it’s rainier season here in Singapore. And until mid-November, 2018, I never believed in umbrellas. Yes, I know they exist as a fact; but practically, I just didn’t believe they were for me.

Rain in central NJ can be spitting, can be steady all day, or can burst into a storm with thunder that shakes buildings and lightning that shorts power transformers. I’ve been stuck in a car for twenty minutes while the thunder shook my car and I was very thankful for the grounding power of rubber tires. I’ve heard the sirens of fire engines as they’ve come to extinguish flames from the roof of a home that had been ignited by lightning.

But I never habitually carried an umbrella.

I’ve been caught in sudden summer showers – warm sprinkles from heaven that refresh me and lighten my steps. I’ve encouraged my children to play in the rain. Splish, splash!

Raincoats and boots in the winter or swimsuits and bare feet in the summer…but never an umbrella!

Like who needs one? They are cumbersome, awkward, tie up a hand from being useful and honestly, if you bring one along it won’t rain, right?

I know the raindrops are bigger and the thunder is more violent and the lightning higher voltage (okay, I exaggerate!) here in Asia. I’ve been caught in a downpour in Malaysia, and went jogging during rainy season in Singapore but this past month I experienced something new.

How can it be that it can rain overnight, rain again as I wake up, the sun dries up everything, rain again at mid-morning tea time, the sun come out again, and then rain again right after lunch?

You just can’t predict when it will rain. Recently, I got stuck waiting an hour for a storm to pass after I already was soaked through.  I am now more humble in my attitude about umbrellas.

To church, to the office, to the grocery store, to the bus stop – I carry an umbrella.

4 thoughts on “Raindrops keep falling on my head”

  1. Love it! Rainy season in Japan meant you were wet up to the hips after going to school … despite rain boots, a rain coat & and umbrella! Gave new meaning to ‘washed through and through!’
    Thanks for sharing the fun memories & Will loved your music pick!

  2. I love this, it’s all about attitude, isn’t it. Made me appreciate the hold over in my stay in Delaware on my way to my new home in Maryland. I’m having more time to appreciate G-d’s blessings in this place, very comfortable quarters, fenced yard for my pups to be free and lots of quiet time to listen for G-d’s words of guidance. Thank you. May G-d continue to bless you and others through you. Angelo

  3. I’ve never believed in umbrellas either, but I bet if I was in your shoes I would start too. Its raining here in Tennessee back in the states today and husband is an umbreliever and took the time to walk me in the store under one. If it had been anyone else I would have been like, “That will just slow us down.” 😀

  4. If I had your hair, I probably wouldn’t hate rain the way I do. I think you would actually GLOW with wet hair, but alas, I come from the era of rollers and hair spray so grew to panic when it looked like rain. And now it’s a habit. I’m inspired by your former free self, though; thanks for describing what love of rain looks like!

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