when world news affects you (part 2)

This past week we’ve learned about haze, what causes it, why it’s a problem, and how talking about it is the hot topic of the day locally:

What’s the current reading?

It is worse than yesterday. Do you know where I can get a mask?

I heard they are going to seed the clouds to make it rain.

Did you hear that 1000 schools in Malaysia were closed today?

I heard it might affect next week’s Formula 1 race!

The haze is caused by slash and burn farming techniques in Indonesia. It is made worse by a lack of rain. Millions across Southeast Asia are breathing the polluted particulates and 9000 Indonesians are actively fighting these forest fires.

What is a suitable response to this environmental disaster that affects so many people?

But before we judge our neighbors too harshly, are we willing to consider our own responsibilities towards creation care? Here are a few ideas:

  • Read and meditate on Psalm 23, 24, 104, 147, 148.
  • Wait a month and review before deciding to buy ‘non-essential’ products. When I/we do make such purchases, let me/us buy quality items that will last many years.
  • Use low energy light fittings when replacing.
  • Review my/our use of disposable plates, cups, cutlery, etc.
  • Review my/our diet, reduce my/our food consumption & aim to eat more healthily.
  • Reduce my/our consumption of food etc imported long distance.
  • Donate something useful to someone who needs it more than I/we do.
  • ‘Up-cycle’ some ‘waste’ items, turning them into something more valuable/useful.

Imagine the impact that 327 million Americans could have on stewarding the Lord’s creation!

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  1. I saw a web site that had you fill in information about your living habits and then evaluated them to say how many worlds we would need to meet everyone’s “needs” if everyone lived like you do. It said that if everyone lived the way the average American does, it would take FIVE worlds to meet the needs of everyone. The site may not be accurate, but even if it was only half right, it’s troubling and sobering.

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