Winter Travels

Part of preparing for the mission field is being available to share how God has provided for us and led us over the years, including how He is calling us to this next step on our journey with Him. This week we have just completed a journey of over 2000 miles, visiting old and new friends, and proclaiming God’s plan for the nations.

Visiting the Great Lakes in mid-winter

As we share our story, we are connecting with churches, small groups, and family gatherings. We have three presentations, with stories and slides designed to delight, inspire and inform: one for a church group (only 3 minutes!), another for a small group or study (about 12 minutes), and one for a more cozy setting (about 35 minutes).

Our next trip is planned for mid-February to Maryland and Virginia. Let us know if you’d like to see us on our journeys. We’d love to visit!

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