...I have my own desk. Now I have never asked for my own desk at the office, but it has been 28 years since I've had a desk and an office to go to M - F. Getting a desk READ MORE
This morning before lunch I had a powerful conversation with a young man in our office. He is 34 years old and is making a difference in his world. Let's call him Caleb. Like all young men in Singapore, Caleb invested READ MORE
The past two months two friends, An and Deb, have been working with me in learning to tell stories that can inspire others. I thought you might like to hear my version of the day I heard unexpected news and READ MORE
Well, we are back in the United States after almost six months away in East Asia.  I (Au) was concerned about being able to adjust to the change, not the least of which being the climate. We left Singapore when READ MORE
  This post written by ....Au! The body of Christ is living and active in Singapore and Malaysia. During our months in East Asia, we have joined our brothers and sisters in Christ for worship and fellowship in many settings, from a READ MORE