When is the last time you sat and wrestled with suffering in a personal way? What is the difference between grief and suffering in terms of how it feels? How should we respond to grief and suffering? These are just

There was a season of life when we had three teenagers in our lives on a daily basis. And at that season, one daughter had a dear friend who introduced a new band into our family consciousness, a band called

Are you worn down by the cares of the world? Too tired to pause and look up to see from where your help comes? I, too, know the challenge of feeling stuck living “in the weeds” of the daily struggle.

Followers of Jesus around the world celebrate Easter, or perhaps you might say commemorate the resurrection of Christ, the anointed one. But why, you ask? That answer depends, partially, on your worldview. One way of looking at worldviews categorizes them

On a recent trip to a new country (for Eunice) in Asia, I saw some new sights – things I had never seen before. And they were beautiful!   But others were just strange! Before I show you THOSE images,