Back in 2010, our family started running. We started slowly, just Kristen and Eunice, as a way to connect while Kristen was in her college years. Then Rebecca and Colleen joined, and then eventually, even Au. One year we ALL

This week, both Au and I got this notice from our organization’s administrator: Completion of Home Assignment: This is a reminder that in 3 months or less, you are scheduled to complete your Home Assignment. Please contact your home side Personnel

Granee’s Brag Book

To me, brag books are defined as a small photo album of “cute photos a grandmother shows to anyone who will look” but I just discovered they are more. Of course, I DO have lots of cute photos of our

Are you ever reluctant to do something a new way? Perhaps you’ve never done it that way before…it feels awkward and you just aren’t sure? Celebrating the birth of Jesus in our NJ-context, meant going to a Christmas Eve service,

What do you do when you are far from home and displaced from many years of traditions? And you still want to celebrate the good news of a Savior and His father’s boundless love with those around you? And did