When Au and I returned to the US after nearly 3 years in Singapore, we discovered a shortage of help – it became more difficult to find a plumber or an electrician than we had remembered and then we started

At the end of 2021, we were invited to submit an article to our colleagues from the Singapore National Office – something to help build a connection between praying AND learning as part of what it means to be ready

This past week, Au and I spent time at the Hideaway in Black Forest, Colorado, with a beautiful view of Pike’s Peak. It was a precious time to meet colleagues, reunite with friends, and pause to reflect upon our first

Back in 2010, our family started running. We started slowly, just Kristen and Eunice, as a way to connect while Kristen was in her college years. Then Rebecca and Colleen joined, and then eventually, even Au. One year we ALL

This week, both Au and I got this notice from our organization’s administrator: Completion of Home Assignment: This is a reminder that in 3 months or less, you are scheduled to complete your Home Assignment. Please contact your home side Personnel