The past two months two friends, An and Deb, have been working with me in learning to tell stories that can inspire others. I thought you might like to hear my version of the day I heard unexpected news and how I responded.
Well, we are back in the United States after almost six months away in East Asia.  I (Au) was concerned about being able to adjust to the change, not the least of which being the climate. We left Singapore when it was 30 Celsius (about 86 F) and landed in Newark at 3 degrees Celsius (about 38 F). Once at home, I quickly found my warm weather clothes that had been boxed up since last
  Church of Singapore, Bukit Timah This post written by ….Au! The body of Christ is living and active in Singapore and Malaysia. During our months in East Asia, we have joined our brothers and sisters in Christ for worship and fellowship in many settings, from a small gathering of Indonesians in a small room in an office tower to about five hundred people packed into a ballroom at a hotel in the middle of
Over the past fourteen weeks, we have been guests of three Asian cities: Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh, both in Malaysia. Each city has its own unique way of making visitors feel welcome, even as we notice things different from home. Here are glimpses into what we’ve observed: Singapore, a city-state of about six million, offers a top-notch public transit system. Bus or rail; underground, above ground, or at ground level – you can
Do you wonder about the practical things of life, living in Asia? Do we bicycle along simple paved paths on our daily commute? Or perhaps we have a mad scramble to fit in an overcrowded subway like those pushing to get on the bullet train in Japan? So what’s a typical day like for us? We’re usually up by 6:30 am for a shower. It’s still quite dark when we awaken but soon the dawn approaches.