Flying Horses


Raindrops keep falling on my head

So, it’s rainier season here in Singapore. And until mid-November, 2018, I never believed in umbrellas. Yes, I know they exist as a fact; but practically, I just didn’t believe they were for me. Rain in central NJ can be spitting, can be steady all day, or can burst into a storm with thunder that shakes buildings and lightning that shorts power transformers. I’ve been stuck in a car for twenty minutes while the thunder …

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Orientation to the New

The past few weeks have been a blur. Imagine, if you can, what the headlines might read if we published a daily newsletter of first weeks here in Singapore, as members of OMF’s Orientation Course. Norovirus sweeps thru the ranks of team during their first week together! Representatives from every continent for the 1st time! Team completes consensus building activity in record time! Accidental food poisoning surprises team! Au and Eunice ride a bicycle built …

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We’ve arrived!

On Monday around noon local time, we arrived after a 19 hour flight (with a layover in-between). Immediately we were drenched in the heat and humidity of the tropics as we left the airport. We are now in the midst of a 4-week orientation course. We are learning about our organization’s mission, vision, and values of OMF, the necessary adjustments and spiritual mindset for effective ministry in Asian cultures, and practical matters concerning personal health, …

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The end of our Knee-dy Days of Summer

…and the beginning of Next Steps! We are here to testify that the people of God have remained steady in prayer and the Lord has answered our shared petitions for partners. Since it is a holiday weekend here, we will need to wait until Tuesday for official word from our organization that we can take the next steps. What are the next steps you ask? The next steps will include official certification of identity documents, …

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Knee-dy Days of Summer – Day 40

40 days ago we started a focused time of being on our knees before the Lord. On our knees, because we ARE needy. On our knees, because it symbolizes submission to our Lord. On our knees, because a great cloud of witnesses have gone before us, petitioning the Lord with humility, modeling the way. We started our days together remembering that the Lord has given a task to His own people that is still unfinished. …

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