Flying Horses


A commuter’s life

Do you wonder about the practical things of life, living in Asia? Do we bicycle along simple paved paths on our daily commute? Or perhaps we have a mad scramble to fit in an overcrowded subway like those pushing to get on the bullet train in Japan? So what’s a typical day like for us? We’re usually up by 6:30 am for a shower. It’s still quite dark when we awaken but soon the dawn approaches.  …

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Risking it in small doses

As the year closes, we bring you a new series on our adventures. This series is called #dailylife and will have little snippets of life combined with some perspectives on what we’re learning along the way. Today’s post is from Eunice: Did I mention that I’m starting to write Chinese (since speaking is a challenge for me and trying to write gives me a way to connect with my father-in-law)? One character that I really …

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Raindrops keep falling on my head

So, it’s rainier season here in Singapore. And until mid-November, 2018, I never believed in umbrellas. Yes, I know they exist as a fact; but practically, I just didn’t believe they were for me. Rain in central NJ can be spitting, can be steady all day, or can burst into a storm with thunder that shakes buildings and lightning that shorts power transformers. I’ve been stuck in a car for twenty minutes while the thunder …

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