The Nations Praise

For those who have been following us for a while, you may have noticed that the title of our newsletter is The Nations Praise and if you’ve heard us share about our understanding of God’s plan for the world, you will know how eagerly we talk about the nations praising the most merciful, good, and loving God.

Psalm 67: 1- 3

This week at our church, Trueway, we worshipped with fellow believers, perhaps in a way you’ve seen done before. In our Service of Lessons and Carols and we alternated between hearing scripture read aloud and carol singing.

But this time it was done with the voices of nine readers – representing young and old, male and female, and diverse nationalities and ethnicities! From American to Kazakh, from Chinese to Korean, and from Indian to Singaporean. One reader was less than 10 years old (so cute!) and at least one of us was 60+! Can you imagine all the accents and speech patterns we were able to hear in that service! And to think, that one day, all the nations will worship the Lord together and praise Him.

Let today be the day when we choose to celebrate the diversity of the nations. Let’s lift our voices together to praise God as we tell of God’s saving power!

Enjoy this very short video of one of our readers – you might recognize someone! 🙂

Merry Christmas!

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