“Nobody wants to work”

When Au and I returned to the US after nearly 3 years in Singapore, we discovered a shortage of help – it became more difficult to find a plumber or an electrician than we had remembered and then we started hearing a new phrase “nobody wants to work.”

Even roti canai shops in Malaysia are having a shortage of workers! pc: Au Ka-Neng

And we heard the phrase in multiple states as we travelled visiting friends, family, and partners. Imagine our total surprise when we discovered a shortage of help when we returned to Asia! For those of you who speak Malay, or are seeing where this post is going…

As I ponder this trend, I discovered that the first documented recording of this sentiment was from the editor of a local paper in Kansas, lamenting that coal mines were being shut down by strikes in April 1894. *

So, today is the day I share a few (I actually found 57!) insights about work (maybe next time we can talk about the value of rest, what do you think?).

  1. God and Jesus both work John 5:17
  2. He has commanded us to work, even before any sin entered the world. Genesis 2:15
  3. Work is required for us to survive Proverbs 16:26
  4. Work is good Ecclesiastes 2:24 and profitable Proverbs 14:23
  5. We have been created for good works Ephesians 2:10 and our work can bless others Ephesians 4:28 Acts 20:35
  6. There are some principles for how we should work:

Some of these ideas have been derived from https://everydayservant.com/57-bible-verses-value-work/

For me, today this means I’m working on writing this post at 9 pm on a Friday evening, thinking about how work is part of our witness to others of how God has given us a purpose for working and finding satisfaction in working for Him. What does it mean to you?



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