March 2017 Update

Dear family and friends:

We have a good God who is incredibly patient and amazingly generous with his love for us! This week I’ve been praying that I would have a right mind about my approaching surgery and that I’d be able to testify to his leading and provision as I await next steps. So…. My surgeon’s office called to reschedule my surgery for a week later and the nurse was apologetic for the need to frustrate my plans. I assured her it was okay because my life was in the hands of one who loved me and cared for me and whom I could trust completely with all these details. She was amazed and told me “goosebumps” covered her arms as I testified to my hope in Jesus Christ. The next day while seeking medical clearance for the surgery, my doctor asked about my emotional state. I told her that I trusted my heavenly Father for the process even while being diligent to do everything I could to get the best outcome possible. She was encouraged in her own faith.

For the record, the new date is March 28.

But Au and I would REALLY like to ask you to join us in praying with those in Malaysia who are asking for the safe recovery of a pastor who was violently abducted about two weeks ago. The authorities seem to be indifferent, possibly because of their focus on a more sensational assassination. Pray that Pastor Raymond would be recovered safely, that his family might hear of his whereabouts, that the police would be concerned, and that God Himself would get the victory in this situation. It’s hard to watch injustice and harm come to those who joyfully and faithfully serve the Lord.

In partnership,

Eunice and Au

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