A new way to be human

There was a season of life when we had three teenagers in our lives on a daily basis. And at that season, one daughter had a dear friend who introduced a new band into our family consciousness, a band called Switchfoot. That band proclaimed the love of Christ and the good news in a way that spoke powerfully to our daughters. At first, I didn’t appreciate the band (just being honest), but I found myself listening to many of the songs in the car on my frequent errands picking up my daughters from class, or doing grocery runs. And then I found myself longing to listen again and again (even when my daughters weren’t in the car!) to the fresh way they shared, both in lyrics and in accompaniment, the hope of Christ. One song that echoes in my ears, even today, is A new way to be human.

In the past two years, instead of READING scripture silently to myself, I’ve been listening to it being read aloud. The app I use periodically presents videos created by the Bible Project that help explain some often over-looked or complex ideas. One theme that returns again and again is…God has a view of humans greatly different from what we see.

What if what we know of being fully human has been influenced by cultural norms or our own ignorance? When is the last time we really sat still and meditated on what it means to be fully human, created in God’s image for His good purposes?

Please join me in reflecting once again on what it means to be human by watching the linked video from the Bible Project or listening to the lyrics and music from Switchfoot. May you, like me, find hope again in a renewed vision of what being fully human can mean.

And check out this bonus video if you want to explore more.

And if the music isn’t quite catchy to your ears, you can read a simple analysis of its’ theme here: https://www.songtell.com/en/switchfoot/new-way-to-be-human

3 thoughts on “A new way to be human”

  1. Thank you so much for this! Really enjoyed the music and the videos – it lead to a good time of personal reflection.

    1. Travis King (RI Hope, ICC)

      Eunice and Au,
      Thanks for the encouragement and charge this morning w/ the help of Switchfoot to be the new creations God has intended for us in Christ?

  2. Thank you, Mrs. Au! Adding this song to my 2023 playlist now. “Family consciousness” is a terrific way to underline its spiritual significance. Since Gutenberg, our memories have become more and more fragmented; it’s these memories that are engraved into our beings that give me hope that wholeness is still possible.

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