Cambodian Pancake

We have been in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, attending a two-week training course with a dozen other people who live or work in five other countries. We are learning how to better tell stories that testify to God’s kingdom work in Asia. One way is to create simple movies. This is a video our facilitator created to help us see how do-able this new skill is. Thanks, Chern Chern, for sharing with us!

Making and eating a Cambodian pancake

How do you eat your pancake? With peanut butter or syrup or both? Then cut into pieces or rolled up before it is popped into your mouth?

Not so with Cambodian pancakes. Batter is poured into a hot wok (yes, a wok), and, as it is cooking, a mixture of ground pork and onions is added to the middle.  Then some bean sprouts are sprinkled in. When the batter has turned crispy on the edges, the whole pancake is slid off the wok onto a plate and folded in half.

Then the fun begins. You rip off a piece of the pancake with some of the fillings and place that on a lettuce leaf (previously washed along with the toppings). The toppings include fresh leaves of mint, basil, and coriander, as well as cucumber slices, and you can add any combination on top of your pancake portion. You then wrap the lettuce leaf as best as you can without losing the contents and dunk a corner of the wrap into a bowl of dipping sauce (made from lime juice and fish sauce, and seasoned with garlic, sugar, and chili flakes).

Hold the leaf wrap carefully and enjoy!


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