It’s an upside down world

Death vs Life

Sorrow vs Joy

Despair vs Hope

Good vs Bad

Today is Good Friday around the world. How can today be called good when the world is “falling apart at the seams”?

Today is the day when followers of Jesus remember the great act of love the anointed one chose for our sakes. Christ, the son of God, willingly took the blame and consequences of sin on Himself. He paid the penalty of death for all our misdeeds, mistakes, rebellion, stubbornness (we call this sin) while NEVER committing any sin.

But this still sounds like bad news, you say? You would be right, except for one thing. And if you don’t know what this one thing is, ask yourself

What do Christians CELEBRATE on resurrection day?

I pray that each of one would take some time to cling to the old rugged cross today and consider what is so good about today. Where can you find hope that transcends the despair all around us?

I’ve included an “oldie but a goodie” as a way of honoring my mother who made sure I knew why Good Friday is good.


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