June 2017 Update

Dear family & friends,

We’ve been appointed!

This is our official picture which will appear on prayer cards in a couple of months. Our  service with OMF in Singapore will have Au in mission research and Eunice in training and development.

If you refer back to the “Candidate Clock” in our last update, we have embarked on the stage called Partnership Development.  We are looking to God to raise up a group of friends who will pray for us, be partners with us in the gospel, and who will colabor with God in different ways in furthering His plan for the nations.  (Let us know if you want more details about this.)

On the home front, we are continuing to downsize our living arrangements, and helping Colleen make plans for the next year in college.  We are also seeking God’s timing for us to transition from our current jobs and commitments.

Do let us know how we can pray for you!

In partnership,


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