May 2017 Update

Dear family and friends:

It’s 7 o’clock! On the OMF Candidate Clock, that is. We’ve been invited to a spend a week in June near Denver to learn more about ourselves and the organization we wish to join. We have transitioned from being applicants to become candidates, and we are continuing to trust God for the next step: appointment.

Candidate Clock

Last month, we completed the MMPI psychological test and an assessment of our marriage. Next month, at the Candidate & Orientation Course, we expect more conversations on our readiness to join OMF, including personal and group interviews with OMF-US leaders. In the meantime, we have been assigned books to read, documents to gather, and a testimony to prepare.

Pray for our OMF preparations, in the midst of getting ready for our daughter’s wedding arrangements, family visits from overseas, and travel logistics. What can we be praying for you?

In partnership,


PS It is July 25, 2017 and we are at 9:30 on the clock!

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