Knee-dy Days of Summer – Day 40

40 days ago we started a focused time of being on our knees before the Lord. On our knees, because we ARE needy. On our knees, because it symbolizes submission to our Lord. On our knees, because a great cloud of witnesses have gone before us, petitioning the Lord with humility, modeling the way.

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We started our days together remembering that the Lord has given a task to His own people that is still unfinished.

As His people, together we’ve considered aspects of the Christian life of service:

  • embracing the journey
  • overcoming obstacles
  • preparing to go
  • transitions
  • and adopting a new home

As excited as we are, anticipating the launch of our new sphere of service – we remember that the task is STILL unfinished. And it will be until our Lord returns.

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