Not wrong, just different

On a recent trip to a new country (for Eunice) in Asia, I saw some new sights – things I had never seen before. And they were beautiful!


But others were just strange! Before I show you THOSE images, what do you think of when I say

Ronald McDonald



How about


Living and working in a place NOT called home, I get lots of opportunities to practice being curious and being challenged to see things differently. Sometimes it just feels STRANGE and other times it is frustrating. Sometimes it is TOTALLY UNEXPECTED!

But it is not wrong, just different.

Does your Ronald McDonald greet you in typical Thai style?
What is a sidewalk in your context?
The sign indicates the market is on this street.
A view from the 4th floor of the market we discovered.

What things have you been exploring that may actually NOT be wrong, and just different instead? Share in the comments below.

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