Why do you celebrate Easter?

Followers of Jesus around the world celebrate Easter, or perhaps you might say commemorate the resurrection of Christ, the anointed one. But why, you ask?

That answer depends, partially, on your worldview. One way of looking at worldviews categorizes them three ways:

  • guilt/innocence
  • honor/shame
  • fear/power

I’m not convinced that any of us can be simply placed into one of these categories, nor do I think it helps to try. However, I will readily admit that I, Eunice, am largely influenced by the guilt/innocence worldview which directly impacts how I hear and receive the good news of Jesus Christ. For a quick overview of these worldviews, watch this video:


The video below shares why I celebrate Easter. Perhaps you can observe how the way I view the good news connects with the worldview in which I was raised. (The video doesn’t ask any embarrassing questions nor judge those who don’t see things the same way I do)

Do you celebrate Easter?

If so, would you be willing to share in the comments below why you celebrate Easter?

And do you see any connections between your reasons for celebrating Easter with your worldview?

1 thought on “Why do you celebrate Easter?”

  1. The 3D Gospel video was so eye opening! We showed it during our small group meeting and had a wonderful discussion. Trusting the Holy Spirit to give us the words and wisdom when talking with others gives us the freedom to connect in ways that will touch the heart. Jesus is so much bigger than we think!

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