Flying Horses


Be our Guest

Over the past fourteen weeks, we have been guests of three Asian cities: Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh, both in Malaysia. Each city has its own unique way of making visitors feel welcome, even as we notice things different from home. Here are glimpses into what we’ve observed: Singapore, a city-state of about six million, offers a top-notch public transit system. Bus or rail; underground, above ground, or at ground level – you can …

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A commuter’s life

Do you wonder about the practical things of life, living in Asia? Do we bicycle along simple paved paths on our daily commute? Or perhaps we have a mad scramble to fit in an overcrowded subway like those pushing to get on the bullet train in Japan? So what’s a typical day like for us? We’re usually up by 6:30 am for a shower. It’s still quite dark when we awaken but soon the dawn approaches.  …

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Risking it in small doses

As the year closes, we bring you a new series on our adventures. This series is called #dailylife and will have little snippets of life combined with some perspectives on what we’re learning along the way. Today’s post is from Eunice: Did I mention that I’m starting to write Chinese (since speaking is a challenge for me and trying to write gives me a way to connect with my father-in-law)? One character that I really …

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Raindrops keep falling on my head

So, it’s rainier season here in Singapore. And until mid-November, 2018, I never believed in umbrellas. Yes, I know they exist as a fact; but practically, I just didn’t believe they were for me. Rain in central NJ can be spitting, can be steady all day, or can burst into a storm with thunder that shakes buildings and lightning that shorts power transformers. I’ve been stuck in a car for twenty minutes while the thunder …

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